All adult team members of the Teen Aviation of New Jersey - Aircraft Build Program are required to complete a Youth Protection Training course, including a criminal history background check. 

Program Managers

Program managers are responsible for the long-range planning of the program including budgeting and ordering sub-kits and supplies, as well as interacting and coordinating with parents and guardians, outside agencies, and individuals who support the program.  They also maintain the program records and plan and supervise the day-to-day operations of the aircraft builds.

Program Technical Advisor

Periodic inspections of the aircraft during construction by a Technical Advisor are required for Federal Aviation Administration certification of the aircraft after completion of a build.

Program Mentors

Program mentors work directly with the students to oversee construction of the aircraft in line with the concept of “mentors teach, students do.”  The ratio of students to mentors is two students to one mentor.  Program managers are also mentors.